Discover amazing destinations with augmented reality

Through geolocation and augmented reality discover various destinations and travel them at your own pace. Find interesting routes and activities that you can do in the destination with the App.

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Get to know the destination in the voice of local hosts

Exclusive content

Discover much more about destiny. Get to know the destination from its history and culture in the voice of local hosts, access information about local trade and tourist activity in the area.

Augmented reality

Walk in augmented reality. The App offers routes that you can follow by discovering points of interest in augmented reality, as well as information on the trade.

Supplementary Guide

Visit places and make routes near you using augmented reality and geolocation. Destinations have routes that are organized and associated with points of interest.


The App as your travel companion

Are you going to travel but don't know too much about the destination? We will be your travel companion, we notify you when there is something interesting to see or visit. You fancy a pizza, you don't know where to stay? We also help you find what you are looking for.

Plan the routes to travel in the destination you are going to visit. There are many routes to know, you can choose according to personal interest, travel time, proximity, among others.

Each destination has a story. The APP tells you in voice of the locals historical, cultural, anecdotes, curiosities and more. You can learn beyond the typical that you find in books. You can review all the information in audios, texts, videos, and more.

Each destinations has possible routes to take. These are categorized in patrimonial, historical, and cultural themes, among others. Each route has important points within the destination, such as heritage houses, monuments, squares or historical buildings among many more, which contain information that you can discover in augmented or multimedia reality.

When traveling one plans in advance accommodation but not much more. With the APP you can know the local trade from your location, where you will find cafes, gift shops, accommodation, rent a car, restaurants, among others. You will also find detailed business information, hours, location and directions.

The APP has a review system to rate the quality of the routes by destinations. You can also save your favorite destinations and the next ones to visit


Real Travel App is much more than a tourism app

Each destination has specially created routes so you can choose according to your interest. The routes are associated with important tourist spots in the destination, giving you information on both natural heritage, culture and local businesses. You can see it through different formats provided by the app, such as video, audios, photos and more.

more than a trip a unique experience

Not only travel, experience the destination as if you lived there

Meet de locals

Real Travel App builds your tourism experience together with the actors of the destination, giving a real and close experience from the local point of view.

Exclusive tours

Do you want to live a day of fishing like a local fisherman does? You can live this and more unique experiences at

Tips and recommendations

The App provides tips and / or recommendations for the routes, from which shoes you should consider using to whether or not there is cash where you will go.

Download Real Travel App

The application is completely free, without associated costs and without advertising. You are the owner of your experience. Live the!

Complement your destination experience by doing unique activities

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