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Hay que ir: Coigüe de los columpios, Cochamó

You have to go: The swings of Coigüe, Cochamó

A must stop if you find yourself visiting the Los Lagos region, Chile. It is a corner of the majestic Green Patagonia, Cochamó, which in Mapudungun (indigenous language) means “where the waters meet”. A place where its visitors can walk its streets with ...

¿Por qué Valparaíso es un buen destino a visitar?

Why is Valparaíso a good destination to visit?

Rhythmic, stale, colorful and poetic, Valparaíso is a wonderful hodgepodge. Pablo Neruda himself spoke of this hard-working port city: “Valparaíso, what nonsense you are… what a head with hills, shabby, you haven't finished combing your hair, you never had time ...

Viajes durante la pandemia del COVID-19

Travel during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccination gives us hope of ending the pandemic, but the reality is that this will not happen overnight. We will provide you with some tips for you to consider when deciding to travel or if you must do so for various obligations. Prior to...

El Viaje Transformador

The Transformative Journey

The well designed and deployed tourism industry can generate deep emotions within us, break the old paradigm, abandon the fallacy and thus change our emotional accumulation on a personal level. Yes! You may have heard this phrase: ...

Las emociones del destino

The emotions of destiny

Think of your city as your new tourist destination. Do you know her ?: Obvious! You will tell us, I live in this city! How do you know it? Surely you will know: the people on the route that you do every day to get to your frequent places, but: Do you know where the aromas are ...