A must stop if you find yourself visiting the Los Lagos region, Chile. It is a corner of the majestic Green Patagonia, Cochamó, which in Mapudungun (indigenous language) means "Where the waters meet" . A place where its visitors can walk its streets with smoky chimneys that indicate that a kettle is waiting for some good mates and conversation, walk along the waterfront and visit its church, which dates back to 1901.

A few minutes from the Cochamó waterfront, is the "El Bosque" sector, which is accessed by a narrow and winding gravel road, where we find a dozen houses that amaze us with their orchards and greenhouses. Every now and then a panoramic view of the majestic Reloncaví Estuary is glimpsed. Little signposting, but enough to reach the house of Don Bernardo, who together with his wife Marina, await the visitors who yearn to reach “Los Coigües de los Columpios”. They tell us that, after a 20-minute walk up the hill, you will practically reach heaven. The path seems harmless considering that from the house you can see the swings in the middle of the forest, however, a dirt slope awaits you. But believe me that when you get to the top, you will see that each step has been worth it and you will enjoy it like a child when you reach a playground.

With children, the 20 minutes become 40, it slows down and at each stop you can enjoy a fabulous view of the Reloncaví Estuary, from where you can see the Yates Volcano in the background and between the hills you can see the majestic Osorno Volcano.

When you get to the swings, a feeling of freedom awaits you that surpasses any fatigue from the climb. A coigüe between these trees is the ideal setting to install swings and turn this magical place, where all you have to do is enjoy as a child. The swings give you the options of calmer or adrenaline, you can sit and swing a little more, or go back and go up to one of the bases to propel yourself with more speed (suitable only for those who like adrenaline). You will feel that you fly through the air in a free way, with the wind in your face and without worry.

The feeling is indescribable, a mixture of happiness, freedom and connection. There from above, hanging from a tree, all worries simply vanish.


  • You must leave the car about 250 meters from the house.
  • If you go with children, people with reduced mobility or the elderly, transport is offered so that no one misses this landscape.
  • Bring water or liquid for the road
  • Admission is $2.500 (CPL), about US$4.
  • At the entrance there is a bathroom.
  • You can stay as long as you want.
  • Remember to check the phase of the Cochamó commune in the Covid Step by Step Plan to see if it has restrictions.
  • We recommend you communicate in advance by WhatsApp at +56 9 3199 5467.
  • Bring your camera.
  • And the most important recommendation, do not forget to enjoy as a child this experience that will take you to heaven.